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San Mateo High School is working with Harris Connect Publishing Co. of Chesapeake, VA to publish a San Mateo High School Directory.Harris Connect Publishing recently began its mailer and phone call campaign to contact as many alumni as possible for information verification.
Alumni should expect postcards to verify ONLY the following information:

  • SMHS graduation year
  • College achievements
  • College graduation year(s)
  • Current work trade information

Even though all alumni listed on class rolls are included in the directory, no one is obligated to purchase one; however the more directories that are sold, the more money that comes back to SMHS.

We will offer a Hardbound edition of the directory, and we also have a Softbound edition. The difference between the two is the cover and the binding. Alumni may also purchase a CD-ROM version of the directory, or a combination of the CD and either the hardbound or softbound editions.

If an alum is not interested in purchasing the printed edition or CD-ROM version, he/she will be offered the opportunity to purchase a Reunion CD, which contains the alum's class year, as well as the surrounding 4 class years.

Magazine Direct
In addition, those alumni who make a purchase with a credit card will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of a special magazine offer. Alumni can get a free 3-month trial subscription on up to 3 of their favorite magazines. There is absolutely no obligation for alumni to accept this additional offer.

Thank you for your support!

Once a Bearcat, Always a Bearcat
Since its founding in 1902, more than 50,000 students have graduated from San Mateo High School. Many of these Bearcat alumni have distinguished themselves in the arts, sports, business, entertainment, and food and wine world. Bearcats have become actors and actresses, been drafted in the NFL, become world renowned artists, founded companies, produced movies, starred in television shows, become jazz musicians, and one Bearcat even won the Masters golf tournament. In addition to all this, Bearcats have volunteered in their communities and sent their own children to San Mateo High School to continue the Bearcat tradition.
Get Connected to Friends
Over the years, Bearcats have spread far and wide throughout the Bay Area and the world. But you never stop being a Bearcat. To stay connected with your fellow alums, you can join the SMHS Alumni Network website. It is free to join, has no ads and is for the exclusive use of alums. Join the SMHS Alumni Network.
Here you will find news about upcoming alumni events (including reunions), updates from people about what they have been doing, photos and videos of alums, and a way to easily connect with people you have not seen since graduation. Over 2,000 members of the Bearcat family have registered.
A New Generation Of Bearcats
Today, in their newly renovated school, a new generation of San Mateo High School Bearcats is flourishing. In education, sports, music, arts and theatre, San Mateo High School continues the tradition of excellence. See for yourself some of the amazing things a new generation of Bearcats is doing—San Mateo High School Home Page.
You Can Make A Difference
Even with the Bearcat spirit, these are challenging times for San Mateo High School. Budgets are being cut, staff laid off, and programs and events eliminated. Many of these things have a special place in our hearts as Bearcat alumni. The teachers who inspired us, the sports we enjoyed to play or watch, the activities and events we will never forget. You can contribute so that a new generation of Bearcats is able to grow and thrive. The San Mateo High School Foundation raises funds through building relationships and creating awareness to support San Mateo High School academics and programs that help prepare students for the success they deserve. To make a difference click here: Give to the SMHS Foundation.
Go Bearcats!
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